JISC Research Data Network Workshop

Today I attended the JISC Research Data Network Workshop hosted this time by Cardiff University. So far we know research data services are desirable (priority): there is a growing demand for managing heterogeneous and growing volumes of data across the entire research lifecycle; we know that research data services are possible (feasibility): there is an increasing array of on-premise and in-cloud platforms to select from; the challenge, certainly for us at least, is making these services sustainable, secure and manageable (viability). The RDN meeting provides an opportunity to find out more about good practice in the sector. Of particular interest today is less the technology and more the work JISC has been supporting around the business case and costing models for research data management.

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Information Science and the Business Analyst

Last year I returned to University to study Information Science.  Unlike fellow student who were either starting out in their career or using the course to change career, sometimes dramatically, I was and still am a Business Analyst.

So, why do it?  Why take a year out and invest time and money in a higher university degree in the middle of my BA career? And why go to Library School when there are plenty of other option in Systems Engineering or Business Schools?

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Resource Guide for Early Career Business Analysts

Information Resources for Business Analysts:

A Subject Guide for New or Aspiring Professionals

This is a guide to business analysis information resources I wrote for an assignment on the Information Domains module of my MSc in Information Science at City University, London in April 2015.  It is a collection of 100 annotated resources that I’ve found useful in my career and may be of interest to new business analysts or those hoping to pursue a career in business analysis.

Download the resource guide as a PDF document.


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