Fixed, Fluid and Finding

(Teodora Petkova via @lucacorsato | #SemanticWeb)

I discovered the intriguing, category defying blog of Teodora Petkova via her post Semantic Web, Relationships and a Piece of Conceptual art . This was a fascinating enough article in itself a philosophical, textual musing on the Semantic Web but the whole blog was full of great writing about texts, things and the relationships between them.

Her exploration of intertextuality reminded me of Peter Morville’s latest book Intertwingled and the growing critical interest not just in text or content but the inviting space between them where meaningful connections live. I am sure the Libraries and Publishing in an Information Society folk on #citylis will be getting their teeth into Brave New Texts over the coming weeks.

The idea that “we write is only a small part of the whole process of creating new forms of relationships” fits well with Ernesto’s metaphor that trying to fix documents in the more fluid world of hypertext is like ‘pinning butterflies’. For my #LISF essay I read an interesting article David Levy wrote on the subject of document stability: Fixed or fluid?: document stability and new media and some of the challenges new media forms with different dimensions of fluidity that require different “technologies of fixity” pose for publishers, libraries and information services.

Immersive Futures Gathering Speed and Coming Closer

From my #cityLIS blog:

Digital Realities

At #cityLIS we start Library and Information Science Foundations with the much loved History of Documents extending from rock art to digital libraries.  We then spend much of our time  studying the present or near history/future in order to grasp the most pressing theories and professional practice for 21st century librarians and information managers.  However we are also encouraged to contemplate the future: the future of the book, the future of libraries, the future of publishing and the future of information societies.  One key theme we’ve been introduced to is what a new generation of immersive, multisensory and transmedia documents may look like and what this will mean for library and information services.

I’ve been laid up in bed recently with the flu which whilst debilitating and then boring does provide plenty of time to catch up on neglected reading including a big pile of news feeds.  So far it seems 2015…

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